Industrial PM and PdM Maintenance Plans

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Whether it’s business, sport or a hobby, we’ve all heard that it’s better to be proactive rather than reactive in almost everything we do. The same lesson holds true when it comes to looking after machinery, structures, and systems.
By taking a proactive approach to looking after the systems that keep your business running, we’re able to better manage weaknesses, predict system failures and ultimately save hard-earned money. One of the key ways we can do this is using thermal imaging.

Thermal imaging can be used as a powerful tool to view equipment and machinery through a different lens, identifying potential failures before they occur. These thermal imaging scans are possible when an infrared camera captures this radiation. This gives us a huge amount of predictive power in spotting issues before they become a disaster. THM has this technology in their arsenal along with their own reporting software that provides each client with the needed information to assure the equipment is reliable. This gives the client clear direction on not only which direction to go but a good head start in implementing the corrective actions. This process especially works when there is a well thought monthly maintenance plan in place. A well-executed maintenance plan takes time, but the results will speak for themselves and can save a lot of money

This is what sets THM apart from other companies; our experience and training in the PM/PdM industry THM offers their Asset Preventative and Predictive Maintenance Programs designed to consult and assist their larger clients to protect the assets they depend on for production. Who better for the job than THM, who has an extensive background in Industrial Maintenance, PM and PdM Maintenance Reliability Asset Protection. This program is guaranteed to extend the life of your equipment if the reliability corrective and predictive actions are followed per THM’s recommendations. When monthly infrared scans, vibration analysis and/or both are being performed while all information is compiled. This gives our clients the needed tools to maximize the expected life span of their equipment. When you have a scheduled plan in place, our asset reports of your equipment tell the story of why your equipment is in this shape and in most cases, why was there component failure. By getting to the issue before it starts to wreak havoc, we can save By making it a priority to at least undertake an annual asset review of machinery and systems through thermal imaging, your business can greatly reduce the risk of damage to your company’s infrastructure and downtime because of this.

Some examples of THM’s industrial applications include:

Detection of hidden hot spots which cause early component, servo drive motors and controllers, PLCs
and Power Supplies

Detection and measurement of excessive heat in devices and electrical circuits

Identification of loose connections on Buss Duct or in your switchgear and panels

It’s easy to see how investing in thermal imaging technology can bring a strong ROI. The image below shows how a simple oversight such as a loose connection can cause central excess heat and, eventually, component failure. By getting to the issue before it starts to wreak havoc, we can save countless hours and dollars that would otherwise need to be spent on repairs and replacements. By making it a priority to undertake an annual review of machinery and systems through thermal imaging, your business can significantly reduce the risk of damage to your company’s structures and downtime because of this damage. That’s where the team at THM comes in. If you’re interested in a review of your machinery, structures, and systems using thermal imaging, or if you would like to learn more about its benefits, get in contact with us. HERE